Operation Blackjack

September 28, 2009 at 12:52 pm (9/11, ADD/ADHD, Bill of Rights, Bombs, Books, Brain, concentration camps, Conspiracies, Constitution, D.U.M.B.S., Deep Underground Military Bases, documentary, Elite, enemy combatant, False-flag Operations, Fascism, Georgia Guidestones, Great Britain, hoax, illuminati, Mass Conditioning, mass extermination, NAU, North American Union, Peace and Prosperity Agreement, RFID Chip, rothschilds, Royal Bloodlines, Terror, Terrorism, U.S Government, War of Terror) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , )


Please click on the picture above and watch all five parts. Operation BlackJack is a slideshow story posted on the website of one of UK’s biggest newspapers, Telegraph.

After you have watched all five parts, take the time to watch the following four YouTube videos.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Take all of this with a grain of salt and use your best judgement, but remember that there was a card game created in 1995 called “Illuminati New World Order” and two of the cards looked like this:


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  1. elninotheband said,

    Wow – that is trippy! And where’s the Elohim when you need ’em?!?

  2. reflux1 said,

    Confounds. Diana where have you been?? I need your view on the reality consuming us! =0)

    • dianarn said,

      Hey reflux,
      I tried to figure out a way to send you a message/comment on your blog but couldn’t. I even had to reset my blogger password to log in there with no success.

      Anyway, I’ve been out of the picture for a while. We moved halfway across the country to the new capital (at least according to BlackJack), so we’re finally settling in with that. It’s pretty nice out here, so far.

      I still want off this planet, though. I’m so disgusted with the BP disaster and how it’s being handled that every time I look at fish and shrimp in the store I get nauseaus. The entire Gulf is dead or dying. Period. The oil has already been picked up by the Atlantic current and is being dragged north, probably all the way to Maine, where it’s gonna kill a bunch lobsters & crabs. Our economy will be pretty much shot after all this is said and done.

  3. reflux1 said,

    Thank you for the reply!! Yeah I have been messing around with my comment settings on the blogspot page, I might have disabled them. That is an interesting move, have you seen the bluecifer statue yet? I was at the DIA i think last year, but unfortunately i didnt get to check out those great airport murals.

    I share your disgust with that disaster.. I have much respect for the environment although i never considered myself an extreme environmentalist, this spill is making me rethink our whole societal foundation based on the black tar, whether its a finite resource or not. A little while ago I came across the work of Derrick Jensen, have you heard of him? Some of his arguments about civilization are becoming extremely difficult to discount. Well anyway glad to hear you are still around! Hope you enjoy the new location.

    • dianarn said,

      Yeah, I saw the crazy horse statue and the murals. The sculptor actually died when a piece of the horse fell on him while he was finishing it up. Another messed up thing about DIA: they just added a 25 foot tall statue of Anubis (Egyptian god of death and embalming) to “celebrate” the King Tut exhibit at the Denver museum.

      I just looked up Derrick Jensen and his book sound very interesting. I’ll have to go out and read some of them. I’m currently reading Anatoly Fomenko’s books, “History: Fiction or Science.” I don’t know if we’ve talked about them already, but he pretty much says the chronology of events in our entire history is pretty much made up and how this is year 1010, not 2010 (so much for 2012). It’s a very dry read (he’s a mathematician), but he’s on the spot with everything.

  4. reflux1 said,

    I will have to check out Fomenko’s works, the name sounds vaguely familiar, but I am always down for historical revision haha.

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