Zeitgeist Addendum

October 6, 2008 at 3:51 pm (4th Reich, ADD, ADHD, America, Anti-American, Blogroll, Bloodlines, Bombs, Carlyle Group, CDC, center of galaxy, Cheney, Children, China, Chinese, Christianity, CNBC, concentration camps, Conspiracies, Constitution, deBeers, Defense Aid, Depression, Disease, doctrine, Documentaries, double cataclysm, drugs, Earth, economy, Electricity, Elite, Empire, enemy combatant, EPA, eugenics, False-flag Operations, Fascism, FDA, Federal Reserve, Fraud, Government, Great Britain, Health, Herbert Walker Bush, History, Hitler, hoax, Homeland Security, Income tax, Internal Revenue Service, Iran, IRS, Islam, Jesus Christ, Judaism, Law, Lawyers, Legislation, Libertarian, Lies, Life, Made in China, Mass Conditioning, mass extermination, Medicine, Merck, NAU, Navy, Nazi, News, North American Union, NRA, Oppenheimer, Osama bin Laden, Our World, Pakistan, Passports, Patriot Act, Peace and Prosperity Agreement, Pentagon, Politics, Population control, Presidential Elections, Real ID Act, Religion, Revolutionary War, RFID Chip, Royal Bloodlines, Secret Societies, Sheeple, Slavery, Social Studies, Symbolism, Terror, Terrorism, Terrorist, Truth, U.S Government, USA, War of Terror, Washington D.C., World) (, , , , , , , , )

Born Into Slavery, And Sin’s Got Nothing to Do With It

If you can keep your ADD at bay long enough to watch this documentary, you will know exactly why everything going on today, from the $700 billion financial bailout to the Terrorist farse to the stock market crash and ultimate destruction of our country as we know it is nothing but a GAME.

And we are the losers…. the slaves…. the failed breeders.

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  1. Tudy said,

    Great documentary, it would be next to perfect if only their proposed solution to all this would include God…

  2. dianarn said,

    I don’t know a whole lot about the Venus Project. This was the first time I ever heard of it and it does sound rather cultish. :)

    However, the god and or gods that are talked about in all the organized religions are the ones that enslaved us in the first place. All of these religions have their roots in the Sumerian religion and the worship of the Anunnaki.

    They are not God. They are just like us, except we’re better. We have the potential to transcend. They cannot. And that’s why they hate us.

  3. Tudy said,

    I wasn’t talking about the Christian version of God. Or about organized religion.

    But still, I don’t agree that a purely technological solution would be a solution. There’s something missing from that view. Something fundamental.

    And just calling the missing thing “a leap in consciousness” (as they do it in Zeitgeist) just doesn’t cut it for me. There is something more to it, something about us, that is the only thing which could make all this work.

  4. dianarn said,

    Yeah, as in our entire mentality will have to be changed. We have advanced so much technologically, yet our morality and spirituality is still in the Middle Ages, so to speak. You’re right about that one.

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