Singulair and Suicides?

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FDA: Merck Drug May Have Suicide Link

Mar 27 12:43 PM US/Eastern

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it is investigating a possible link between Merck’s allergy drug Singulair and suicide.

FDA said it is reviewing reports of mood changes, suicidal behavior and suicide in patients who have taken the drug, which was Merck’s best-selling product last year.

In the past year Merck has updated the drug’s labeling four times to include information on tremors, anxiousness, depression and suicidal behavior reported in some patients.

Singulair had sales of $4.3 billion last year.

Shares of Merck & Co. Inc. fell 10 cents to $44.60 in late morning trading.


Isn’t it interesting how all these seemingly inoffensive drugs like Singulair and Chantix make people want to kill themselves when nothing in the drugs makeup (that we know of) should make them feel that way.

Singulair is a leukotriene receptor antagonist. Cystenyl leukotrienes are substances that cause contraction of the bronchial smooth muscles, increase vasculature, and activate mucus-secreting cells. It’s like what histamines do in your nose, but these take longer to get going and also last longer.

Although it’s not completely understood how they do all that, researchers found out that by blocking the receptors for the leukotrienes, bronchoconstriction is decreased and control of asthma is improved.

Now, after all that, can someone please tell me how one can get suicidal from a drug like that? It does not make any sense. Is there some other ingredient in Singulair that affects moods? SSRI’s? Unicorn giggles?

After Vioxx, Gardasil, and now Singulair, you wouldn’t think anyone could trust Merck.

Heh, here’s a well-written history of the company. Did you know Merck invented cocaine and MDMA (ecstasy)? I sure didn’t.

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  1. reflux1 said,

    And god bless merck for the ecstasy creation =) j/k. Not sure if you read greg palast at all, but he has an interesting article connecting the spitzer scandal with an editorial he wrote on valentines day about the subprime crisis, very interesting stuff!

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