Natural Defense Against Bacteria and Viruses

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Silver has been used since the Middle Ages to disinfect and make water drinkable. People would drop silver coins in their barrels and buckets of water.

Silver, or rather the charge it carries, kills bacteria and viruses by disrupting the electromagnetic bonds that holds them together.

There are countless silver products out there and even Dr. Bill Deagle at the Granada Forum said to go out and buy colloidal silver masks because they kill bacteria and viruses in the air before they get to you.

This particular silver solution, SilverBioticsTM, is not really colloidal silver. To make colloidal silver, people dissolve silver salts into water, basically making silver chloride, which can be dangerous and do more harm than good. Depending on the manufacturer, colloidal silver solutions can contain up to 500,000ppm per teaspoon. Long-term use of these products can cause argyria, a permanent bluish coloring of the skin caused by the silver being deposited in the tissues. The original Blue Man in the Blue Man Group had a classical case of argyria. However, it’s interesting to note that argyria is the only side effect of “overdosing” on silver. It does not damage any organs or cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. You just turn into a smurf. It’s kind of neat. But I guess it didn’t bother

If you don’t think there’s any bacteria or viruses on your meat, check out this FDA article where they are explaining why they are spraying a live virus cocktail on lunchmeats.
For more information about SilverBioticsTM, as well as research articles, check out it’s creator American Biotech Labs.

To order a bottle or to learn more about it as well as some other detox methods, such as Chi Patches, click on the following picture:

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  1. charliedw said,

    Argyria is caused by relatively large particles of silver becoming trapped under the skin and reacting to sunlight. Modern colloidal silvers (like the one above) use tiny nano-particles which cannont get trapped as they are too small. The larger particles are usually associated with people unsing a home generator to produce their own silver.

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