Iran: US faked tape of sea scuffle

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Iranian TV: Pentagon video, audio fake

By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 12 minutes ago

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran accused the United States on Wednesday of fabricating video and audio released by the Pentagon showing Iranian boats confronting U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf.

The video from Sunday’s incident shows small Iranian boats swarming around U.S. warships in the Strait of Hormuz. In the recording, a man speaking in heavily accented English threatened, “I am coming to you. … You will explode after … minutes.”

“The footage released by the U.S. Navy was compiled using file pictures and the audio has been fabricated,” an official in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying by the state-run English-language channel Press TV.

State TV did not give the name of the Revolutionary Guard official and did not offer more details about how the official knew the footage was “fabricated.”

U.S. Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said the “allegation is absurd, factually incorrect and reflects the lack of seriousness with which they take this serious incident.”

National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley warned Iran against more confrontations.

The rest of the article can be read here.

You guys have to watch the actual video. I found it on YouTube.

I watched this on the news and the only thing this video is missing is an audio from the supposed Iranian speedboats that said, in a very think Arab accent, “I am coming to you.” Now, looking at the size of the wake, it seems the filming is done from an aircraft carrier. Behind it you see a destroyer-class ship, and then 3 little bright blue speedboats with 4-5 people wearing bright orange vests running around. Later in the article the 3 boats are called the “Iranian fleet.” This is insane.

I can’t believe they’re putting this off as real. “I am coming to you!”???? Come on, they couldn’t have thought of a better phrase than that?

That’s just as bad as when they showed a “former terrorist” on CNN with his face all blacked out and with an accent that went from Arabic to Russian to just stupid-down right grammatically illiterate within 5 minutes. I wish I could show you that video. It made me sick to my stomach.

No wonder the Iranians are saying this video is fake. If they’re trying to make the speedboats out to be suicide bombers they couldn’t be more wrong. Iranians are not stupid. They don’t want to experience what Iraq is currently going through. But apparently, our government is still hell-bent on invading a peaceful sovereign country, like it’s been doing ever since it was created. Oh, and by the way, we already overthrew their government once and put the Shah as president until the people got so fed up with his dictatorship and his murders than they got fed up, had a revolution, and took over. I guess this is our government’s way of getting revenge.

I am so mad right now. They are doing this in OUR NAME. The people of the USA will be held responsible for all of these atrocities. It is our fault. We elected these creatures, put them in office, and to this day allow them to do whatever they please. On our heads are the deaths of the millions of Iraqi civilians, men, women, children, as well as all the other innocent people our military has killed over these past 200 years.


  1. reflux1 said,

    Its really disgusting how perverted our country has become from what it was once. The whole political sphere is poisoned with nonsense, and most blindly follow without a second thought. I truly believe that Ron Paul could turn this country around, and the primaries were a real let-down for me. It shows just how purely ignorant and stupid most americans are. im really saddened by it. this has ceased to be a representative system…..

  2. reflux1 said,

    And i loved how the media manipulated this story :” three SPEEDBOATS harassed and threatened fucking battleships and frigates? Give me a break!!!

  3. Rocket said,

    Whoa! lol..put the brakes on. First of all, the video is an amateur videographer stationed on a navy vessel. There is no audio [coming from a speedboat] for a reason, because its a home movie camera. The very fact that the main stream media bought into a “laugh” that someone made to get a kick out of some people on a boat joy riding around navy vessels (who we don’t even know their nationality), just goes to show you that the MSM has an agenda.

    This is not the first time someone takes a video, and thinks to them self “look at those crazy idiots out there” and then takes the video and turns it into something to laugh at by adding audio of what the boaters “could be saying” just as a goof to pass time and get a good laugh. Then the spoof gets circulated on the net, and then the media picks up on it and takes it seriously, and then the people of this nation that lack any patriotism at all and hate whoever is in charge, continue the idiocy by using it as propaganda to support the “president hating” and so forth.

    Of Course the Iranians say its a fake, the video isnt fake, it was really taken with a home movie camera. The audio was added by someone later to get a laugh at the incident, to make fun of the people who would think to take a small boat and circle some navy vessels for a kick. Then the media picks up on it to support their agenda, and then the ignorant people of our nation jump on the band wagon and turn it into something to support their anger issues.

    As if something like this has never happened before, LOL

    Oh, here is something for the brainiacs of the world to ponder, since when does a commercial speedboat or pleasure craft have the radio frequencies of the US Navy to contact them and make threats over? Think about the idiocy of the video and then just sit back and laugh at it, just like the person who created it did. To get a laugh.

  4. dianarn said,

    Lol, you’re right. But try telling that to the brain-washed people who think the “islamo-fascists” are coming after them.

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