The AntiChrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian ShapeShifter

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*Update* Hashemsfilms is back, yet again. This time they have their own website:

This is an ongoing documentary series produced by Hashemsfilms. You can find the rest of the episodes on YouTube. So far, there are 87 episodes, each being 10 mins or less, so everybody who think they have ADD/ADHD will have no problem checking them out.

Here’s the thing: these guys have a crazy story to tell and they have worked very hard to put it all together and to make it easy to understand. Just the title of their series will make everyone instantly judge them on at least one level.

This documentary is for people who are open-minded enough to realize they do not know everything, and as a matter of fact, that they know next to nothing.

Watch and learn, for there are things out there that we never even thought about thinking about them.

Here are the first 5 episodes. For more episodes and other series, check their website at Hashemsfilms.

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  1. almahdi20 said,

    gone again

  2. dianarn said,

    Yeah, I know…. he’s not making YouTube happy.

  3. iwansyamsumin said,

    One of Dajjal has been closed here.

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