Whisper of the Heart

August 13, 2007 at 2:53 am (Country roads take me home, Japanese animation, John Denver, Mimi wo sumaseba, Olivia Newton-John, Studio Ghibli, Whisper of the Heart, Yoshifumi Kondo, Youko Honna)

I was feeling kind of down tonight, after a hard day of work, so I wanted to watch something a little lighthearted. I found this animated movie called Whisper of the Heart. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese animation and it started with Sailor Moon.

It’s a very cute movie and the main theme song is quite catchy. The funniest part is listening to them trying to pronounce “Country Road.”

The song in the following video is the opening song to the movie. Or at least I think it’s Olivia Newton John singing it.

And good ole’ John Denver singing it.

Now I’m not a fan of country music by any means, but this song is cool. I think it would make a great rock song, too.


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  1. Rocket said,

    What a great post, Diana. John Denver was one of the many Greats who died before their time, like Buddy Holly and Aaliyah (Aaliyah Dana Haughton). If you like Country Roads, you will love “Grandma’s Feather Bed.”

    I also had a HUGE crush on Olivia Neutron Bomb ( as we called her), and if you like her music, you might wanna check out a pretty unique movie with Olivia and John Travolta in Xanadu. It’s a musical, but its a classic.

    Anime is great stuff, I got my first taste of Japanese anime with the “Speed Racer” series. Hard to believe anime has been in America that long.

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